Computerized dental x-ray

Computerized dental x-ray

At Srinivasa Dental Care we utilize advanced Dental X-ray technology in our clinic. Dental X-rays assist our dentist in more precisely identifying and diagnosing dental issues.

One of the most important and valuable radiographic tools is the dental X-ray. This will assist your dentist in determining the true extent of the damage, which might not be seen during routine examinations for oral health.

Many patients are first wary and occasionally wonder whether a dental x-ray is really necessary. However, for the patient’s benefit, dental x-rays may make the difference between having your teeth removed and keeping them for life.

Frequency and number of X-rays depends on many factors and your dentist is the best judge for that.

Our team will keep your history for our future records, examine your teeth and gums and then take a call on whether X-ray is needed or not.

When you first come to our office, our dentist might recommend getting X-rays to determine how your oral health is currently faring. This will serve as a starting point to support, illustrate, and pinpoint potential future changes.

A dental consultation aids in your search for the ideal dentist. The dentist will describe the services they will provide for you and the tools they will use at the initial consultation.

Once you decide to receive treatment and give your consent, our dentist will develop a treatment plan for you. The time and date of your treatment will be disclosed to you by our dentist.


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Arshiya sadaf
Arshiya sadaf
Best clinic for any kind of dental treatment.
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rajnish kumar
Very good 😊
Farzeen -Ummal Fahmidha
Farzeen -Ummal Fahmidha
I have been coming here last 7 years and i find then very Professional and I finf my teeth is in Good hands
Ray Tube Fixes
Ray Tube Fixes
Thank you Dr Vishwas for the great and kind service.