Bleaching/whitening of teeth

Bleaching/whitening of teeth in BTM Bangalore

Smiling when you interact and see someone makes a good first impression. The widely held belief is that health is correlated with smile brightness. Everybody desires a flawless, white, and bright smile. By setting up just one appointment, we have made it such that clients leave our clinic with a healthy, radiant, and shining smile.

There are several factors that might result in tooth discolorations, but some of the more common ones are smoking, excessive tea or coffee consumption, prescription side effects, or the natural ageing process. You may restore your youthful white teeth and your elderly, gorgeous smile with tooth whitening options from our clinic.

Tooth Whitening also better know as Dental bleaching in dental terms is one of the most cost effective and traditional dental treatment available to rejuvenate your smile.

We are one of the top dentists in Bangalore, India, offering teeth whitening services. The effects of the therapy may last for several months or even longer than a year, but they will entirely depend on the patient’s lifestyle and oral hygiene following the procedure. Smoking and drinking too much tea and coffee are a couple of factors that help the effect fade sooner. The effect of tooth whitening can also be diminished by the patient’s age and the quantity of stains, although as was already noted, if you take good care of your teeth, it could last a year or longer.


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Arshiya sadaf
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rajnish kumar
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Farzeen -Ummal Fahmidha
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Ray Tube Fixes
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